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Occupational Therapy service specialising in assistive technology including Seating and Sleep.We’ve been working with assistive technology and providing postural solutions for more than 2 decades.

Limited movement causes difficulties with postural management and ultimately negatively affects function and  quality of life.  The risk of developing fixed changes to the body is therefore high.  Identifying the correct assistive technology together with a 24-hour postural management approach is considered highly beneficial to you and your support network. Let us partner with you and your support network on this journey. 

At Postural Care Clinic, we are committed to working with you and your support network to provide the best assistive technology and postural solutions for you and your lifestyle.  Our passion for the 24-hour postural management approach is implemented in everyday living solutions.  What does this mean?  Postural management whether in your manual wheelchair, powerchair or day chair and during sleep is strategically managed with implementation of posture management principles, providing a postural care pathway to better living.  Our team is equipped with over two decades of experience in posture management, working alongside participants, families, suppliers and other allied health professionals to identify the most appropriate assistive technology for you.

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