Why work with us?

Our vision is to inspire and create change with you for an improved quality of life.  We do this by:

  • Building a partnership with you based on respect for you, your lifestyle, and your choices.
    This includes respecting your rights and privacy.
  • Recognising that clear, honest communication is a key component in achieving safe, responsible, and practical outcomes.
  • Committment to constant and never-ending improvement to ensure innovative approaches and solutions to better living.


Venesha Moodley

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy,
Honours Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Rehabilitation

Venesha brings with her 23 years of clinical experience having worked in a variety of settings in four countries and with individuals with varying levels of disability.  Tertiary education was completed in South Africa and postgraduate education in New Zealand.  Venesha’s career path includes experience in paediatrics and adults in treatment, provision of assistive technology, medico-legal assessments, driving assessments and treatment.  Her drive and passion around assistive technology has enabled her to work alongside individuals in the community to resolve complex seating issues and assisting and supporting other occupational therapists in the NDIS sector to provide seating and sleep solutions for individuals with moderate to high needs.  Her work roles extend to providing clinical blogs on disability related matters and clinical training across Australia in 24-hour postural management and seating for complex needs.  Her family and her passion for learning continues to be her source of inspiration.